Креативное агентство в Москве

Cooking MasterClasses in Moscow

Taste Italy!

We invite you to our Italian Culinary Masterclasses, suitable for both children and adults. You are never getting bored with us! Masterclasses are held under the guidance of talented Italian chefs, in the best culinary studios in Moscow. As you probably know, Italy is hot and temperamental, and this national trait is perfectly reflected in the traditional dishes; they are loved in different parts of the world, and even more so in the often cold and cloudy Russia. Do you want to bring some sun and flavor into your life? Treat yourself with a true and authentic Italian cuisine masterclass!

Corporate culinary events

Кулинарный мастер класс

An Italian-style corporate party that will exceed your expectations. The main theme of your corporate holiday will be the unique Italian cuisine: gourmet cheeses, lasagna and delicious pasta, along with our wine selection. Such an original holiday will remain in the hearts of your co-workers and guests for a long time!

Birthday parties in a cooking studio

Кулинарный мастер класс в Москве

Do you want to celebrate your birthday in an informal setting and surprise your guests? Let yourself be carried away by the atmosphere of our culinary parties, where your friends will have a great time and know each other more easily. We will organize a wonderful culinary feast for you, where you will prepare colorful dishes and then dine with pleasure! Throughout the entire celebration, our team will not let anyone get bored, and each participant will be involved in a culinary journey!

Cooking courses for beginners

Кулинарный мастер класс для начинающих

We invite all cooking lovers, and those who want to learn, to our practical master classes, where you will do everything with your own hands. Our professional team of chefs will be happy to share with you all the secrets of Italian cuisine!

Cooking course for experts

Кулинарный мастер класс для мэтров

Even experienced chefs continue learning all their lives! Wherefore, who else is a great cooking teacher, if not a real Italian chef?