Креативное агентство в Москве

Italian themed corporate events

Fire up the Italian way!

Our Italian style corporate events create an unique atmosphere that resembles the fabulous sunny warmed Italy.

Remember...Italy is the birthplace of the famous godfather and Cosa Nostra, the most feared mafia in the world. Black limousines, elegant suits, evening dresses...this is how Italy can look like. And the exciting logic game "Mafia" will make the best tacticians and strategists of your team ponder.

Organization of corporate events in the Italian style, awakens the widest horizons for your imagination. The highlight of the holiday will be the unique Italian cuisine. Gourmet cheeses, lasagna and delicious pasta - such an original holiday will remain in the hearts of your guests for a long time!

Usually events are long-awaited by its participants, but behind each well-realized project is the work of many professionals who devote their strength and creativity to a common cause.

And only at first glance, organizing a holiday / corporate party / team building is easy. If you look at it, every good event requires well-coordinated work of diverse specialists: from a creative designer-decorator to a responsible transport driver.

How can you get an unforgettable event, take into account literally every little thing and get real pleasure from the celebration itself? Of course, entrust the task to a creatively gifted team.

Additional services we provide

We will do our best to ensure that you and your guests feel completely immersed in an atmosphere of fun. With us, you will forget about everything and just enjoy life!

По вашему запросу мы пригласим зажигательных ведущих и талантливых музыкантов, артистов оригинального жанра, подберем подходящее помещение для мероприятия, оформим его, предоставим необходимое оборудование, подберем персонал: официантов, моделей, водителей с транспортом и т.д.

Наша компания долгое время сотрудничает с большим количеством ответственных подрядчиков, которые не разочаруют вас своей исполнительностью и продемонстрирует высокий уровень профессионализма. От вас потребуется только заказать подходящие к случаю услуги, которые представлены для удобства в одном окне.